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Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the world of Teka-Teki16. Teka-Teki16 starts simple, but becomes more and more challenging. Sometimes, the world of Teka-Teki16 can be a bit unpredictable and make fun of you. But don't worry, you'll also get help if you collect enough bonus points.

The Hints to get you going..!

You want blistering fun? You 'll certainly get it if you follow all our amazing hints!

Sweet World Book of Clovers

Advisor Mode

When you collect bonus points, sometimes a blue question mark appears above the stack of your game tiles that you can tap to get help. A little expert will then immediately analyze your game situation and get you back on track.

Sweet World Candy Invites


It's huge and looks massive, but still it appears from time to time to iron out your mistakes. Just let it do its job and you will probably be a step ahead afterwards.

Sweet World Candy Gifts


In the world of Teka-Teki16 Dodos fly again! But they rarely fly and then they may even accidentally improve your game by colliding with the "wrong" tiles. So just let them fly!

Sweet World Candy Shop

Brute Force

Sometimes only brute force helps when you can't get any further. If it is so far, then it is just so! Sit back and enjoy.

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